Gift Card

The Tony Pappas gift card is the perfect gift for all family members and any occasion! It has the great feature of having no expiry date! For more information, please refer to the Tony Pappas gift card general terms and conditions of use.

Due to the closure of our Quartier DIX30 shop we will no longer accept gift cards that were issued under the authority of the Quartier DIX30. Those cards are marked “valid only for our Brossard branch”. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

Termes généraux et conditions d’utilisation

  1. The gift card (thereafter the ‘‘Card’’) is the property of the issuer, whose identity appears on the physical card itself. The initial value of the Card or any balance belongs to the owner of the Card
  2. The Card is available in its physical format at the two Tony Pappas points of purchase.
  3. The Card can be used to purchase any item or service available at all Tony Pappas boutiques. The Card balance is non refundable and cannot be transferred.
  4. The Card can be purchased at all Tony Pappas stores under the accepted methods of payment. The Cards cannot be paid using another Card.
  5. The Card can be used as often as wanted by the owner, until the available balance hits zero. The Card cannot be used on prior purchases or exchanges of any products or services.
  6. If the selling price of the purchased items or services exceeds the available balance on the Card, the difference may be paid according to the methods of payment accepted by the Tony Pappas stores.
  7. The Card balance appears on the cash receipt every time that a purchase is made with the Card, for all purchases made at Tony Pappas. The Card remaining balance can be verified at all Tony Pappas stores.
  8. The items or services purchased with the Card at the Tony Pappas stores are subject to the same return policy as the items and services purchased in store using another method of payment. This return policy is available for consultation in our stores and on the Tony Pappas website
  9. The refund of the items and services purchased with the Card will be honoured as following:
    1. By increasing the Card remaining balance, if the Card still exists when the return is completed;
    2. By issuing a credit note. The credit note conditions of use will then be provided to the customers.
  10. Any physical card that hasn’t been used can be returned and refunded within thirty (30) days from the purchase date. The amount spent on the Card will be refunded using the same method of payment as the one used for its purchase. The transaction receipt and the Card have to be presented. This refund can be processed at all Tony Pappas stores.
  11. The Card has to be handled as cash money. The issuer is not responsible for its loss, theft or unauthorized use. The Cards initially obtained through illegal means will not be honoured and will be cancelled.
  12. The Card cannot be used for any advertising, promotional or commercial means by any third party, unless prior written authorization from the issuer.
  13. The purchase and use of the Card confirm the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of use. The issuer may revise these general terms without any prior notice.

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