About usOpen in 1900 by Mr. Tony Pappas.

With its outstanding service to customers and offering of a unique high end product selection for men, women and children, the Tony Pappas store has built, through the years, a strong reputation amongst the Montreal families. Inspired by the relaxed and urban atmosphere of our first shop, our second boutique proudly maintains the family tradition that has been living in the company for more than a hundred years.

You will feel the Tony Pappas signature as soon as you will enter one of our stores! When visiting our boutiques, you will be greeted by one of our qualified sales professionals. Don’t hesitate to ask for advices as you shop, we’re here to guide you! Our employees are regularly trained to make sure they have the best knowledge to help you as much as possible.

An original and handpicked collection. During your shopping session, you will notice that all styles have been carefully selected to meet the needs and desires of our beloved customers. Your tastes and opinions inspire us! A qualified and efficient shoe repairing service. A shoe repairing service is available at our Montreal store. Our professional shoe repairers are true footwear artists, always working their best to extend the life of your favourite shoes. Tony Pappas is an authentic footwear salon, there isn’t much of them anymore!

Psst! Did you know? Your little ones are our favourite clients! We surround them with balloons and colourful toys that they love so much; we promise they will ask for coming back! We have, in our store, installations that are custom made for them. In addition, our employees are trained to fit their little feet and make sure they grow the right way. Finally, finding shoes for your pirates and princesses is made easy!

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